She is not romantic ór businesslike, sexy ór masculine, the woman of 2023 has it all. The new Aaiko Suits You collection is just as versatile as she is.

Aaiko designs high-quality collections of women's suits. And that's not without reason; Aaiko suits you is an ode to the evolution of women. Although a suit is an absolute classic item nowadays, this has not been always an option for women. Shop Suits

Today's woman can do anything; she works and travels, goes out with friends.
Aaiko empowers her with a versatile collection of suits for every character and for every moment.

The Aaiko Suits You collection consists of a selection of basic suits and fashion suits. As classic and timeless as the basic selection, as outspoken and fashionable are the fashion suits. With the Aaiko Suits You collection, the brand offers women the opportunity to transform according to the occasion or their own state of mind of the day. The suits are classy and edgy, and that’s what makes them totally Aaiko.

soft and powerful. AAIKO AND YOU